Uprising Paint Fight

International Days

International Days is a 5 day festival in the South Salt Lake Valley. We were asked to created a series of posters as well as a booklet (see books and magazines) to represent the fun, family friendly, cultured nature of this event. This main poster (top) to promote the whole event is meant to be posted all around the Salt Lake Valley to advertise the event as a whole. To advertise individual events, eight different posters like the lower one were created to promote events in specific areas.

BYU Humanities

This was created when I was asked to make a booklet that could be given to possible donors to the BYU Humanities Center in Summer 2012. It is a quarter fold printed on a heavy cover stock so that it has more of the feeling of a brochure: light and simple, easy to pick up and look through. However, it’s quite large to give the feeling of grander we want people to associate with our strivings towards in BYU Humanities.

View Brochure Front and Back


Zinch, a company that helps students find ways to get scholarships to fund their schooling requested this ad while I was at Stowaway. I designed this two-page spread for them to coordinate the simple but dynamic graphics in their logo and on their website,

Silpada Ad

This half-page ad was also done during my time at Stowaway from our summer 2012 issue. In this ad I wanted to capture the feeling of delicacy and intricacy of their jewelry while still paying homage to the overall simplicity in form.


These posters advertised Schwa student journal at the BYU journal fair. They were there to announce the new face of Schwa and show the unique personality of our journal staff to encourage readers, contributors, and prospective staff members. The three posters are meant to be printed and posted side by side with a small gap (indicated here by the gray) between each one.


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