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arebeyell (11.21)

The RBL Group does research, publishing, and consulting in strategic HR, organization, and leadership. One of the more casual design projects I’ve been able to work on with our creative director is our internal newsletter, The Arebeyell, which we send out to all RBL employees each month. You can see more by clicking on the link below or viewing our latest web versions here.

View the Full Arebeyell

We often create booklets for participants in RBL events. These two are the schedule and info for our Human Resource Learning Partnership gathering and the summary of the information given at our Chief HR Officers Summit. View more of the insides below:

View Inside of CHRO Summit

View Inside of HRLP Booklet

Uprising Paint Fight


As a part of our rebranding project (see identity), I redesigned the sponsor packet which is used as a tool to give sponsors relevant information about being a part of the uprising.

View Full Sponsor Packet

International Days


International Days is a 5 day festival in the South Salt Lake Valley. We were asked to created this booklet and a series of flyers (see advertising) to represent the fun, family friendly, cultured nature of this event. This booklet serves many purposes for the event: it has a passport stamp page for children to get stamped at various events in order to receive prizes, schedules for the events, advertising from sponsors, and information about the groups performing. With my partner at CrissCross Design, I edited the material then designed the booklet. It need to be interesting, easy to navigate, and concise.

Parts of the full booklet can be found here.

Stowaway Magazine

Stowaway Magazine started as a project for graduating editing students at Brigham Young University to get practical experience in publishing. But it’s become much more than that. I had the opportunity to work as art director for the summer 2012 issue and as a design advisor for the winter and spring 2013 issues. Click on the samples of my work here to see a slideshow or visit to see the full issues. See writing samples also designed by me here.

Humanities + Leadership


I’ve been working with the humanities department at BYU to create a series of graphics to go with each of 8 articles that will be seen in a book form as well as online. I also designed the cover for the book. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.



Schwa is an academic linguistics journal published by students at Brigham Young University. I worked as art director from fall 2010 to winter 2012. My team and I revitalized the journal using bold, clean design on the cover along with careful interior typesetting. It presented the particular challenge of containing many charts and graphs from different sources which had to be assimilated into one graphic style. This is  the fall 2011 and winter 2012 issues, perfect bound at BYU Press.

View Entire Fall 2011 Journal



Criterion is an up and coming journal of literary criticism. They have quickly gained a following publishing outstanding papers by undergraduate and graduate students all over the US. This design was created, in connection Criterion’s web site, to illustrate the subtlety and detail of the articles they publish. It’s been used from every issue since this one in Winter 2011.

View Entire Winter 2011 Issue

Mormons and Film

This was created as a class project, a reformatting of BYU Studies’ book ‘Mormons and Film.’ It’s meant to be bold but not overly serious, a deep but lighthearted approach to the culture of LDS film.


Cookbook for Printing

I have been working on compiling this family cookbook for years: finding recipes, taking photos and, of course, doing the design.

View Entire Cookbook

Marriage & Families

This started as a group class project but ended up as a portfolio piece because of the extensive personal time I dedicated to re-designing and re-conceptualizing this magazine after the class ended. This masthead is a sample from the new design I did after the class ended.


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