As an intern with the Uprising Paint Fight (, I was spearheading the design part of the a re-branding project. The Uprising is a dance party and paint fight and though they have had quite a bit of success at the parties they put on, they are worried that their message isn’t coming across. The first Uprising event was a fundraiser and fight for breast cancer and this start lead them to want to use this fight as a celebration of and a motivation for change. They want to encourage personal revolution which can help people to find strength even in difficult situations and to start taking power in their own lives.

But the branding Uprising had didn’t send this message at all. Here are some examples of the branding uprising was using before. Other examples can be found on their current website:

Our goal with the rebranding was to create more uplifting, human design to better send the message of the Uprising.

BYU Humanities

The goal of this project with BYU College of Humanities was to  represent their contribution to “the human conversation” and be accessible but classic. This is a selection of the proposed logos. The logo which was selected in the end is the center top logo, based on Michelangelo’s Cage.

Personal Branding

This is my own logo and business card. The decisions reflected in this design show my preference for simple but unique typography.


This logo and business cards were created for a freelance design business started by myself and Cameron Smithson, a good friend and fellow designer.

Alpine Community Theater

This logo was done for Alpine Community Theater, they are expanding into a larger theater and their previous logo had elements they wanted to keep but wasn’t refined or fine tuned. This new logo combines the elements from the old logo with a newer, more unique touch.


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