BYU Humanities

At BYU I worked on two websites: a mockup for the new Humanities Center website, and a redesign of the websites associated with the Humanities Advisement Center. The goal was to take the current websites (at and and create a cohesive design which would accommodate the needs of both.


Launch Page


Basic Article Page


After the redesign of Stowaway Magazine, see Books & Magazines, it became clear that the website needed to be redesigned to match the new Stowaway brand. Working with Eugene Tapahe and the Stowaway staff, we created a new design for the Stowaway website that would better fit our new image and would be more usable for our readers. This website is under development and will be live Spring 2013.


This website, in connection with the book design for the same student journal are meant to be unassuming but unique, something that will catch the eye of English scholars without distracting from the material of the website. The live site can be found at


This design was for inscape, the BYU student journal of creative writing. Inscape’s website changes each semester to match the newest issue. This website goes alongside the fall 2010 issue of Inscape so the site is no longer live but you can view the design of the site below.


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