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Beyond the Chinatown Gate

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Chinatown has always been a favorite destination for me, but talking to other travelers, I found few shared my passion. On a trip to Chinatown, San Francisco in Summer of 2012, I figured out why. We just left our hotel and started walking, eventually everything became Vietnamese, Korean, then eventually Chinese. We stopped at the fish markets, bought delicious bakery items for ridiculously low prices, then stopped in at a small dim sum restaurant. Our large American family stuck out like a sore thumb (we were the only non-Chinese on the street, I think), but that was part of the experience, I think. As I rejoined Stowaway in Fall 2012, I decided I wanted help other people find the heart of Chinatown whichever one they might be in. I also designed the layout for this article and all other Stowaway articles I authored.

To Gods, To Food, To Family:

Celebrating Serbian Slava


This article was inspired by my husband’s time in Serbia. The tradition of Slava, the celebration of family saint days, is unique to Serbia and I believe it represents to them many of the values that define Serbians.

Take Me Back, Tokyo

I wrote this feature article for Stowaway’s summer 2012 issue drawing from a year I spent in Japan while I was in high school. I lived near the Tokyo area and spent many weekends in Tokyo. The article highlights a series of neighborhoods in Tokyo, illustrating the diversity that makes Tokyo so unique. It can be viewed below or on stowawaymay.com (after June 2012).


The Eurasian History

This companion article to the Tokyo feature delves into the history of Japanese curry, a dish that traveled hundred and hundreds of miles before making its way to Japan with an expert from cheftaro.com

Happy Wallet + Happy Palate:

The Balancing Act

I was lucky to co-author ‘Happy Wallet’ with Hillary Mousley. This how-to article on finding good, cheap food while traveling highlights the personal experience of two lifetime travelers, Robert and Cheryl Davis from Provo, Utah.

Class Exercises

These copy and line editing examples are from my Basic Editing Skills class at BYU. They are peer editing of other student’s papers.

Paper 1

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Paper 3

Stowaway Editing

The following are examples of developmental editing done electronically with Microsoft Word’s ‘track changes’ function. The articles being edited are early versions of articles from Stowaway’s summer 2012 issue.

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